Affidavit Format For Birth Certificate, Date of Birth Affidavit Format – PDF Download

 : A F F I D A V I T :


 I, the undersigned _________________________ Aged about: ___ YEARS, Resident of: ____________________________, (State), INDIA do hereby solemnly affirm as under :

1.    That I have filed an application for a Passport to go abroad for visit.

2.    I am submitting my Late Issue & Duplicate Birth certificate issued by __________ MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, GUJARAT INDIA  Dist.: ______ State: _______  Issued Date _______ for proof my date of birth and my place of birth is mentioned. So I make an affidavit and solemnly declare that: I issued Duplicate Birth Certificate.

3.    I was born on Dated _________ AT: _______ DIST.: _______ STATE: __________.

This affidavit is prepared for Late Issued Birth Certificate to the passport authority which is true and correct.




Affidavit For Birth Certificate PDF

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