Criminal Procedure Code, 1973

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973

This Act may be called the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.

It Extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Provided that the provisions of this Code other than those relating to
Chapters VIII, X and Xi thereof, shall not apply.

-to the State of Nagaland,

-to the tribal areas,

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973

Chapter – 1. Preliminary. (Section. 1 – 5)

Section. 1

Short title, extent and commencement.

Section. 2


Section. 3

Construction of references.

Section. 4

Trial of offences under the Indian Penal Code and
other laws.

Section. 5



Chapter – 2. Constitution of Criminal Courts And Offices. (Section. 6 –

Section. 6

Classes of Criminal Courts.

Section. 7

Territorial divisions.

Section. 8

 Metropolitan Areas.

Section. 9

Court of Session.

Section. 10

Subordination of Assistant Sessions Judges.

Section. 11

Courts of Judicial Magistrates.

Section. 12

Chief Judicial Magistrate and Additional Chief
Judicial Magistrate, etc.

Section. 13

Special Judicial Magistrate.

Section. 14

Local Jurisdiction of Judicial Magistrates.

Section. 15

Subordination of Judicial Magistrates.

Section. 16

Courts of Metropolitan Magistrates.

Section. 17

Chief Metropolitan Magistrate and Additional Chief
Metropolitan Magistrate.

Section. 18

Special Metropolitan Magistrates.

Section. 19

Subordination of Metropolitan Magistrates.

Section. 20

Executive Magistrate.

Section. 21

Special Executive Magistrates.

Section. 22

Local Jurisdiction of Executive Magistrates.

Section. 23

Subordination of Executive Magistrates.

Section. 24

Public Prosecutors.

Section. 25

Assistant Public Prosecution.

Section. 25A

Directorate of Prosecution.


Chapter – 3. Power of Courts. (Section. 26 – 35)

Section. 26

Courts by which offences are triable.

Section. 27

The jurisdiction in the case of juveniles.

Section. 28

Sentences which High Courts and Sessions Judges
may pass.

Section. 29

Sentences, which Magistrates may pass.

Section. 30

Sentence of imprisonment in default of fine.

Section. 31

The sentence in cases of conviction of several
offences at one trial.

Section. 32

Mode of conferring powers.

Section. 33

Powers of offices appointed.

Section. 34

Withdrawal of Powers.

Section. 35

Powers of Judge and Magistrates exercisable by
their successors in office.


Chapter – 4. Powers of Superior officers Of Police. 

(Section. 36 – 40)

Section. 36

Powers of superior officers of the police.

Section. 37

Public when to assist Magistrates and police.

Section. 38

Aid to a person other than a police officer, executing

Section. 39

Public to give information of certain offences.


Duty of Officers employed in connection with the
affairs of a village to make a certain report.


Chapter – 5. The arrest of Persons. (Section. 41 – 60A)

Section. 41

When police may arrest without warrant.

Section. 41A

Notice of appearance before a police officer.

Section. 41B

The procedure of arrest and duties of an officer making

Section. 41C

The control room at districts.

Section. 41D

Right of arrested person to meet an advocate of
his choice during interrogation.

Section. 42

Arrest on refusal to give name and residence.

Section. 43

Arrest by private person and procedure on such arrest.

Section. 44

Arrest by Magistrate.

Section. 45

Protection of members of the Armed Forces from

Section. 46

Arrest how made.

Section. 47

A search of place entered by person sought to be

Section. 48

The pursuit of offenders into other jurisdictions.

Section. 49

No unnecessary restraint.

Section. 50

The person arrested to be informed of the grounds of
arrest and of right to bail.

Section. 50A

The obligation of the person making the arrest to inform about
the arrest, etc. to a nominated person.

Section. 51

The search of arrested persons.

Section. 52

Power to seize offensive weapons.

Section. 53

Examination of accused by medical practitioner at
the request of a police officer.

Section. 53A

Examination of a person accused of rape by medical

Section. 54

Examination of arrested person by the medical officer.

Section. 54A

Identification of person arrested.

Section. 55

Procedure when police officer deputes subordinate
to arrest without warrant.

Section. 55A

Health and safety of an arrested person.

Section. 56

A person arrested to be taken before Magistrate or the officer in charge of a police station.

Section. 57

The person arrested not to be detained more than
twenty-four hours.

Section. 58

Police to report apprehensions.

Section. 59

Discharge of person apprehended.

Section. 60

Powers, on escape, to pursue and re-take.

Section. 60A

Arrest to be made strictly in accordance with the Code.


Chapter – 6. Processes To Compel Appearance. (Section. 61 – 90)

Section. 61

Form of Summons.

Section. 62

Summons how served.

Section. 63

Service of summons on corporate bodies and

Section. 64

Service, when persons summoned, cannot be found.

Section. 65

Procedure when service cannot be effected as
before provided.

Section. 66

Service on Government servant.

Section. 67

Service of summons outside local limits.

Section. 68

Proof of service in such cases and when serving
office not present.

Section. 69

Service of summons on witness by post.

Section. 70

Form of warrant of arrest and duration.

Section. 71

Power to direct security to be taken.

Section. 72

Warrants to whom directed.

Section. 73

The warrant may be directed to stay persons.

Section. 74

Warrant directed to a police officer.

Section. 75

Notification of substance of warrant.

Section. 76

A person arrested to be brought before the court without

Section. 77

Where warrant may be executed.

Section. 78

Warrant forwarded for execution outside

Section. 79

Warrant directed to a police officer for execution
outside jurisdiction.

Section. 80

The procedure of arrest of the person against whom warrant

Section. 81

The procedure by Magistrate before whom such person
arrested is brought.

Section. 82

Proclamation for person absconding.

Section. 83

Attachment of property of person absconding.

Section. 84

Claims and objections to the attachment.

Section. 85

Release, sale and restoration of attached

Section. 86

Appeal from order rejecting the application for
restoration of attached property.

Section. 87

Issue of warrant in lieu of, or in addition to,

Section. 88

Power to take bond for appearance.

Section. 89

Arrest on breach of bond for appearance.

Section. 90

Provisions of this chapter generally applicable to
summons and warrant of arrest.


Chapter – 7. Processes To Compel Production of Thins. (Section. 91 – 105)

Section. 91

Summons to produce a document or other thing.

Section. 92

Produce as to letters and telegrams.

Section. 93

When search warrant may be issued.

Section. 94

The search of place suspected to contain stolen the property, forged documents, etc.

Section. 95

Power to declare certain publications forfeited
and to issue search warrants for the same.

Section. 96

Application to High Court to set aside declaration
of forfeiture.

Section. 97

Search for persons wrongfully confined.

Section. 98

Power to compel restoration of abducted females.

Section. 99

Direction, etc. of search warrants.

Section. 100

Persons in charge of closed place to allow the search.

Section. 101

Disposal of things found in search beyond

Section. 102

Power of police officer to seize certain property.

Section. 103

The magistrate may direct search in his presence.

Section. 104

Power to impound document, etc. produced.

Section. 105

Reciprocal arrangements regarding processes.


Chapter – 7A. Reciprocal arrangements for assistance in certain matters
and Procedure for Attachment and Forfeiture of Property. (Section. 105A – 105L)

Section. 105A


Section. 105B

Assistance in securing the transfer of persons.

Section. 105C

Assistance in relation to orders of attachment or
forfeiture of property.

Section. 105D

Identifying unlawfully acquired property.

Section. 105E

Seizure or attachment of property.

Section. 105F

Management of properties seized or forfeited under
this Chapter.

Section. 105G

Notice of forfeiture of property.

Section. 105H

Forfeiture of property in certain cases.

Section. 105I

Fine in lieu of forfeiture.

Section. 105J

Certain transfers to be null and void.

Section. 105K

Procedure in respect of the letter of request.

Section. 105L

Application of this Chapter.


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